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What to Expect on your visit to Sueño Rio Celeste

Updated: May 23

Sueño Rio Celeste is not only special because of its unique design and magical grounds, it is located in an extra beautiful area of Costa Rica.

Nestled between the mountainous Tenorio & Miravalles Volcanos, the town of Bijagua is an up and coming location with wonderful people, a growing food scene, and every activity you could ask for when trying to experience the tropical wonders of this Central American rainforest! 


Sitting up in the mountains between the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, we experience weather from both sides of the country. Generally temperatures range from 69-92 during the months of March-April and during the remainder of the year between the mid 60’s-mid 80’s with regular rain. When visiting the rainforest however, you should absolutely expect rain, and not only accept it but embrace it. The rain is one of the most magical qualities of a rainforest and you should not let it hinder you from activities because it usually passes as quickly as it comes about and there is much to be enjoyed in the area, even if you are a little wet! When visiting this area, at any time of the year, plan for both hot/humid as well as cooler/rainy weather! For your best enjoyment we encourage you to find great joy in the rain while you are in Costa Rica, it is refreshing and gives life to all of the incredible flora and fauna that you are eagerly wanting to see!


Due to the unpredictable (but lovely) weather mentioned above, we suggest that you pack rain gear, along with hot weather clothing and a long sleeve or two for the mornings or a cooler day.  

Bijagua and the surrounding areas have some incredible hiking and tours, it is likely the majority of your time here will be spent outdoors enjoying the best that nature has to offer, we do highly recommend bringing mosquito repellant, along with wearing longer pants if you are particularly eager to not be bitten. Closed toed shoes are also encouraged for hikes and tours so you can enjoy your time taking in the magic of the Jungle instead of swatting mosquitoes off your feet. 

With that being said, you’re in Costa Rica! Do not forget to pack your favorite outfits to wear out and about to dinner, to grab a coffee at Cafe Semilla, or to take Jungle photos on our beautiful property! 

Sleeping in the Jungle 

Sleeping in the Jungle is an immersive experience, one that many purchase apps and sound machines to mimic. In order for our guests to get the full benefits of this special area, our rooms are “open air”, meaning that we do not have AC and encourage our guests to sleep with their windows open and fans on.  Do not let this scare you, the vast majority of our guests report an incredibly relaxing sleeping experience! When you are away from the beach and situated up in the mountains, the energy and the sound of nature has a way of filling your soul, at night the beautiful breezes (due to our higher elevation) and the sounds of nature make for the perfect sleep setting! For your ultimate comfort, our hotel provides 100% cotton bedding, this material is the best for accommodating cool, mild or hot temperatures. The roof of our bungalows are insulated and when combined with their height, opening ( screened ) windows, strong fans and extra blankets, our guests have everything they need for an amazing night's sleep! 

Local Activities & Food

Situated less than 2 miles from Bijagua and 20 minutes from the intercostal highway 1, we are centrally located to a wide variety of activities, the gorgeous beaches of Guanacaste,  the hot springs of Ricon De Le Vieja and the entire Tenorio Region that is booming with tours of all kinds!  Rain or Shine we will be able to guide you towards memorable experiences to fill your time here in the Jungles of Guanacaste! 

If you have looked into Costa Rica at all, you have probably heard of Sodas and are eager to try the traditional Costa Rican cuisine! Bijagua and the surrounding areas will not disappoint, we have many traditional and non-traditional Sodas only minutes away from the Hotel. We are particularly excited about the areas new breweries and all that they have to offer the up and coming food scene! Whether you are looking for your classic Casado or a Teriyaki Poke Bowl and a cold local Brew, Bijagua has you covered!

Check out our hotel guide for a full list of our top-recommended activities/restaurants!


Costa Rica is a one of those countries that people are eager to explore and to best be able to do so, it is important to have good transport. Local transport is available along with hired drivers, however we do encourage travelers to rent a vehicle when visiting the area. There is so much to see and do, we do not want our guests tied down or unable to fully experience everything they wish to! Both the Liberia & San Jose International airports have car rentals near by, such as Enterprise, Avis and more! It is important to note, that there is no designated shuttle from either airports to the hotel. If you have more concerns on this topic, please reach out to us and we would love to talk with you further about the best ways to get around!

Once you have a car secured, our best suggestion for driving around the country would be to go slow and enjoy the drive! There is stunning scenery at every turn and so much to explore! The roads can be narrow and curvy which is why it is good to always respect the speed limits, especially because you never know if there will be a cow in the road or people walking just around the corner. For these reasons, it is best to keep night time travel to a minimal, that being going out to eat, or heading to a night tour! Travel between towns or longer distances is best done during the daytime!


The "Pura Vida" lifestyle is one that embodies peace, health and a positive time! When you are in Costa Rica, do not forget to take things slow, you are on vacation and the most important part of your trip will be your relaxation and health as you connect with the high energy environment that not everyone gets to experience. If not everything works out as planned, little inconveniences arise, or a cow is in the road, take the local approach and just go with it, the stories will be better, the laughs will be flowing, and the memories will be ones you reminisce on years to come! We are so excited to share our beautiful home with you and all the good energy it has to offer those who are eager to embrace it! PURA VIDA

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